What dresses are in fashion in 2020 what to pay attention to

In the wardrobe of every girl and a woman should be an evening and cocktail dress. It is such clothes that should be dressed on a solemn evening or another socialite evening event. In order to look at the evening a charming dress should not only look beautiful on the figure, fit you in color, but also be fashionable. What evening and cocktail dresses in fashion in 2020? Let’s try to answer this question.

Firstly, this year, designers pay special attention to the sleeves and the neckline, in fashion unusual sleeves, for example, strict and straight or vice versa voluminous and decorated with waxes and flowers. The neckline is decorated with various additional elements, it is worth noting that for such evening dresses you need to very carefully select jewelry so that it does not look excess.

Secondly, one cannot deny the fact that the classic always remains relevant, so dresses with open shoulders and long sleeves are also in trend. Particularly popular today are long dresses with long sleeves, in them the girl looks mysterious and chic, do not forget that such dresses should only be worn with high -heeled shoes.

Thirdly, to date, dresses with an accent on hips are relevant, it can be additional drapery, color contrast and various decorative elements (belts, applications and others). Such models emphasize natural femininity, but for girls with wide hips, such dresses are not suitable and it is better to give preference to other models.

Fourthly, the color scheme of the dress is no less important than its style. In 2020, such colors as black, red and white are relevant for evening and cocktail dresses, also in fashion dresses with various prints that will be in harmony with the general style of the girl. And finally, flying and light fabrics should be used as a material for sewing a fashionable evening dress.

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