How to choose socks

Each person, whether it is a man, woman or child, necessarily wears such a necessary wardrobe item as socks. They are completely different. Woolen or even fur socks are worn for insulation of the lower extremities under appropriate natural conditions or specific situations, for example, on hikes or for winter fishing. Bright and multi -colored socks can wear children or young girls, on other people they will look strange to put it mildly. There are cheap socks that are usually used as disposable in bowling, mosques and other institutions where you need to take off your shoes. There are also expensive socks, such as the socks of FALKE, which are the prerogative of business people. They are worn with good costumes.

For a long time, fashion designers did not know what category of clothing to attribute this detail of the wardrobe. In the end, they decided that socks should relate to underwear.

The most hygienic material for the manufacture of socks is cotton, but when wearing it is not aesthetic. Therefore, socks are not made of cotton alone, they must add any impurities to it. Everyone has long been worn by cotton socks with likes or a thin cashmere with elastan. Now socks for wealthy people began to be made from silk with the addition.

Cotton socks are not recommended to be worn if you are going to ride rollers. The fact is that cotton absorbs moisture perfectly and dries for a long time. Your legs will be wet and wet during skiing, which will create not only discomfort, but also turn videos into a nursery of various bacteria and fungal organisms. In addition, the cotton is greatly crushed when wearing, the folds are formed that can grate the leg, and it is delayed

it is much faster than any other material.

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