What can be a linen basket what to take into account when buying

Many housewives know that the underwear basket is a very convenient device, since you can add linen, which is designed for washing, and not throw it away, for example, immediately in a machine and save it there. Most often, this item is placed in the bathroom and sometimes in the bedroom, for convenience and saving space, there can be a corner underwear basket, which allows you to conveniently fit it into one of the corners of the room.

Today in industrial goods and supermarket stores a huge variety of underwear is presented. They differ in the material, can be wooden, plastic, fabric, metal and wicker. By location, you can distinguish standard, built -in and wall baskets. In shape, linen baskets can be square, rectangular, round, corner and oval.

When buying a linen basket, several factors should be taken into account. Firstly, the material from which it is made must be safe, durable, moisture-repellent, be resistant to smells. Secondly, the basket should harmoniously and conveniently fit into the interior of the bathroom or bedroom. Thirdly, it should be functional, that is, have a lid, special holes for ventilation and impregnation for repulsion of water.

Wooden baskets are more environmentally friendly, but less resistant to moisture and smells, the main thing is that such a basket has a special impregnation. The wicker basket is good because it has natural ventilation. Plastic baskets are the cheapest, they are quite practical and durable, and are also represented in a wide color scheme. Metal baskets are mainly suitable for bathrooms in high-tech style, they must be processed with a composition that protects the basket from corrosion and rust.

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