How to choose jewelry features of the process

Jewelry – wonderful jewelry. Jewelry made of precious metals, of course, is more refined and elegant, but a woman can have a lot of jewelry. Modern products are very high quality and beautiful, they do not look defiantly and sometimes not even very different at first glance from real jewelry. You can choose a set of several items for yourself. If we take into account the prices of such products that are several times lower than the prices for jewelry, you can also purchase something suitable for each dress or suit.

I will buy wholesale jewelry – such a thought probably at least once occurred to many women. After all, I really want to have many different jewelry, but to give something like it to friends or relatives, especially for some kind of common holiday, New Year or the eighth of March.

Often on sale you can see sets of 4-5 items, this is a ring, a brooch, a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. But remember that wearing it all is immediately considered a bad taste. It is allowed to wear 2-3 products, you can alternate them. Also keep in mind that only one item can be massive and large in the kit. The rest should have a more modest size.

If you constantly wear jewelry made of precious metals, pick up jewelry for them so that it looks worthy against their background and does not look like a cheap fake. Also wearing at the same time gold and silver products are not as exquisite as from one metal.

Choosing jewelry, take into account your complexion. Massive jewelry will look cumbersome on fragile girls, but it will advantageously emphasize the individuality of the ladies with magnificent forms.

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