How to become a good florist what you need to study

Once you saw a wide assortment of bouquets from the florists of the salon and became interested in how to learn how to make such beauty? If so, then this article will tell you how to collect bouquets correctly so that the hobby turns into earnings.

Find the teachers.

It is not necessary to immediately run to the floristry school. Without minimal knowledge and skills, your interest will quickly fade away, and you will only lose time in vain. Better to ask for work as an apprentice for a famous florist or in a popular store. It will be enough to work for about a year to understand whether floristry is suitable for you. So this profession is considered suitable for fanatics, which does not require great physical return, but takes a lot of time.

Get ready for ungrateful work.

It should be prepared for the fact that only the apprentice who has entered the post, that is, you, will wash vases for a long time, sweep the floor, cut flowers and do other black work. No one will trust the beginner to make a composition of bouquets, garlands and wedding accessories. You will work with flowers gradually.

Copy other people’s bouquets.

There is nothing wrong with this. Your task is to learn how to make beautiful bouquets and bring your technique to automatism. This is not written little in books on floristry, so you have to spy on how famous people make up bouquets.

Interested in clothing shows.

Watch fashion shows or broadcasts on TV. Since floristry always goes with designers. New types of fabrics and materials will be useful to you to design compositions.

Visit flowers more often.

Do not regret money for training. Exhibitions will allow you to remain aware of the latest events: new techniques, techniques, ideas, fashionable colors this season and so on, which can be used in your work in the future.

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