How to choose an air conditioner to pay attention to

Even if you do not live in a country with a particularly hot climate, you can still need an air conditioner. Because in 2013 only those who are afraid of new technologies can buy a regular fan. Moreover, he lacks many very necessary functions. Before you buy and install air conditioning, you need to be able to choose it. Now there are so many different models that it is easy to get lost. But this is not as difficult as it seems, if you know some nuances.

Air conditioner selection tips

The main thing is to decide on is the size of the room and its location in relation to the sunny side. Power depends on it. 100 W falls on one square meter. And if there are no heat sources, for a room of twenty square meters there will be enough air conditioning for 2 kW. If you have already looked at where you can buy such air conditioning, the price of which, of course, is very different, you should have noticed that there are many types of these units. For example, they are flooring, in the form of split systems, as well as inverters. The floor air conditioner is mobility – it is easy to transfer it to another room. However, you will have to regularly clean it of water. In addition, he creates quite a lot of noise. Split systems are now most popular. They are not only able to cool the room well, but also heat the air in the cold season. Such a system is installed in such a way that no interior will spoil. In addition, one external block regulates all air conditioners in the house, which means that it is easier to install it. Inverters are now the most convenient option, but they will cost a lot. Experts do not advise focusing on the country-producer. In fact, its price does not depend on this.

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