Buying a house to pay attention to when choosing

The choice in the modern real estate market is quite large. Realtors vied with the proposals offer plots in the cottage village, houses in the suburbs, a lot of options for apartments, for every taste and wallet. How not to get confused and get what is really suitable for you?

Traditionally, potential buyers pay attention to such, undoubtedly, important indicators as cost, area, availability of competently designed documentation. But there are a number of points that sometimes forget about.

First of all, pay attention to how the structure is located. Well, if the house is built in the center of the village or microdistrict. Firstly, this guarantees additional security, and secondly, the view of well-groomed courtyards is much preferable than the landscape of an abandoned wasteland. An extremely important point is the presence of developed infrastructure: access roads, shops, schools, kindergartens, medical institutions. Do not forget to pay attention to the location of the dwelling relative to the carriageway. In this case, it is desirable that, on the one hand, passers -by could not freely look into the windows of the first floor and, at the same time, so that the hosts admire a beautiful look, and not a fence built at a distance of two steps from the walls of the house.

Be sure to check with the hosts the approximate cost of the content of the possible purchase per month. Often there are quite similar rooms, these numbers can differ significantly.

If you have finances for redevelopment, then the dominant factor when choosing housing should be the strength of the foundation and the location of the load -bearing walls.

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