How to choose a computer for home use

Computers are called to serve us for completely different purposes: some will simply replace the typewriter in the office, others – a powerful multimedia system. With computers for the office, which are designed to work on the Internet and with standard texts, everything is quite simple, since you can take the most inexpensive option 300 dollars. However, how to choose a computer for home, so as not to become a regular client of the organization that ensures the repair of laptops on Admiral Ushakov Boulevard?

Home computers can be divided into several groups. The first group is an entry -level system worth about $ 350, excluding the monitor. Such a system is suitable for people who do not plan to use a PC for complex multimedia purposes, that is, such a computer is not easy for their capabilities "typewriter", but for games it is not quite suitable.

The second group – middle -level computers worth from 350 to 700 dollars, excluding the monitor. Very wonderful candidate for the role of the first PC for home use. You can play on this computer, although not all games. If you decide to purchase additional equipment, for example, scanners or a printer, keep in mind that expenditures will turn out to be quite significant.

The third group is powerful home computers, which are the best option. Their cost varies greatly, but on average is approximately $ 800.

There is also a fourth group – extreme computers designed exclusively for games. The cost of such a computer can be several thousand dollars.

It is worth noting that when buying a computer, do not save on a power supply. A good power supply costs at least $ 80. Pay attention to the motherboard, if you intend to disperse the system, and on RAM.

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