How to choose a chest of drawers to what to look for

The most practical piece of furniture in the room is, of course, a chest of drawers. It not only fits perfectly into almost any interior, but also allows you to store all the little things in one place. Therefore, even inexpensive chests of drawers will serve faithfully, delighting their owners with functionality and the question: “how to choose a chest of drawers” ​​will always remain relevant.

Production material.

Usually the chest of drawers is made from chipboard or MDF. The latter is more preferable, since it does not contain toxic substances. Synthetic adhesives that are used in the manufacture of MDF do not have a harmful effect on others.

More expensive chests of drawers are made of natural wood. There is often a manual thread in such furniture, and stylish massive handles are installed on the doors.

Constructive characteristics.

The size in choosing a chest of drawers also matters. The dresser is placed so that you can freely open the boxes. It is recommended to measure the space that will be allotted for this piece of furniture before buying before buying.

A common dressing model is a view of four boxes extended throughout the width of the chest of drawers. There are other types of chests of drawers:

– The upper shelf is open or glazed;

– Two upper boxes are separated by a partition.

Loser in the interior.

The right choice of chest of drawers will visually increase the space of the room. For example, a narrow and high chest of drawers adds a visual vertical to the room, and low and wide creates a feeling of thoroughness.

The chest of drawers also copes with the problem of an empty corner. The cabinet in this case will clutter up the room, but the chest of drawers will fit perfectly into the corner and will not “set” with its size, and it decreases more things in it than some cabinets.

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