Problems of a young family tips and solutions from a psychologist

Good afternoon. Today I registered on this wonderful site and immediately want to describe my thoughts about the problems of a young family.

In your opinion, there are any difficulties and obstacles in the life of a young family?

I think yes.

But we must keep in mind that it is worth distinguishing the appearance of a young family.

You can consider the young family as spouses of young people, for whom this is the first (or second) marriage, and adults can marry again or get married and form a young family.

I won’t say anything about the latter, since these people should have already figured out their life and their past mistakes, and in their life lessons to understand whether to form a family with this person or not.

I wanted to say about the first type of young family. Sometimes this happens by the duress of parents, sometimes this happens due to an unplanned pregnancy, well, or for love.

And it often happens that the family does not live together for a long time. And why? Probably because the spouses cannot get used to completely to each other. And then the family begins to collapse.

What can you advise to strengthen such a young family, a young cell of society? Please write to the comment.

I can add from myself that measure seven times, do you want to form a family with this person, and once cut yourself from a lonely lifestyle and make a marriage if you are sure in the brighter future.

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