How to apply makeup on the eyes of advice and rules correctly

Makeup is able to decorate absolutely any woman. Someone prefers only a little and very at ease to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, someone likes a more spectacular and catchy makeup. Stylists say that eye eyeliner will become the main object of cosmetics of a modern woman. If you are not the owner of large expressive eyes, then try to emphasize them with an artificial method. To make your makeup really first -class, you need to know a few tricks.

If nature has not awarded you with long and thick eyelashes, then use a set for the growth of the Eleence Kit eyelashes or apply a little gel to the eyelashes before painting, wait until it dries and then paint the eyes with mascara. This method will help make your gaze more expressive.

Use at least two colors of shadows. Shades should fully comply with your character and suit you. Do not use old and dry cosmetics, with this means you only spoil the makeup.

In dark color, emphasize the depth of the folds of the upper eyelid, shaking them in the outer part, such a technique will give relief to the eyelids. Before you apply modeling shadows, you can fad the eyelids a little. This will help to apply the main modeling shadows with a more even layer, moreover, they will be fine all day.

To effectively shave the eyeliner, take a pencil for the eyes with the softest slate. To make the line clear and flat, pull the eyelid with one hand a little up, with the second hand at this time neatly, short movements, draw a line of the required thickness. The contours are best shade off a slightly moisturized brush.

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