How to choose a jack

In today’s issue, it will be about how to choose a hydraulic rolling jack, as well as the principle of distinguishing between themselves.

It is probably difficult to imagine the repair of any car without a jack. This is perhaps the most necessary thing that should be in the garage of a motorist.

The rolling hydraulic jack is able to raise the car, both at the most minimum height and to the maximum. It is also very convenient to start under a car. Gradually rolling up under it, and due to this does not require special efforts. That is why he was so loved by the motorist and mechanics.

Such a jack is simply indispensable for SUVs, as well as truck cars, as well as it is well suited for cars.

In order to choose the right a jack and not to experience the difficulties, first of all, you need to take into account its carrying capacity, and accordingly the cargo on which you will use it. Ask to demonstrate the stability of the selected model in working condition. Sustainable jack will hold tightly in its position even with a slight movement of the car. Also take into account the height of the ups of the jack and its working move. Taking into account all these factors, the choice will make it much easier.

Options for jacks today, not a few have been proposed. They are designed, for different types of cars, different weights. There are also models that are stable even on uneven surfaces, and there are only such ones that can only be installed on a perfectly smooth surface. They are also divided into hydraulic and mechanical models. By the first, of course, a significant advantage is the simplicity of use, and the latter has a more affordable price.

What type of jack your choice does not fall on, first you need to carefully calculate the degree of its load. This is perhaps the most important selection criterion.

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