How to determine the quality of felt important points

Fetr is very popular among craftswomen, because you can make various toys, jewelry for clothes and other things from it.

However, novice craftswomen do not know which is better to choose a felt for their crafts. Of course, the first thing they pay attention to is the availability of felt at a price, but it is worth considering certain physical properties of this material.


The choice of felt in appearance is purely individual and depends on the idea of ​​the craftswoman. To create toys, one type of felt will be required, another type of material is suitable for decorating cards and caskets.


To determine the degree of white felt transparency, it is enough to place the material on colored paper. The less color paper is visible through the material, the less transparency of the felt is less.

Seam quality.

About how convenient it will be to sew pieces of felt with each other will show this indicator. It is necessary to cut each sample into two parts and stitch on each other a thread of a contrasting color. Then check how much the form is distorted after the seam jerking. High -quality felt should hide well -made stitches and keep in shape.

Factor “Pooh”.

To determine how fluffing over time the felt needs to cut small circles and pluck at the edges. You can conduct another experiment. Stick tape on the felt, smooth it and tear it off. The fewer the villi remains on the sticky side, the better the felt. Very “fluffy” felt is better not to use to create children’s toys.


To determine how much the felt to change the shape can be washed pieces of material in hot water. After which it will be seen how much the product will sit from this material after washing.

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