Hairstyles from French braids varieties to whom

Modern stylists invariably improve their skills, finding new technologies and options for braiding each time. If relatively recently we have met only classic options for weaving spikelets in 1 or two rows, then at the moment French braids have many varieties, the number of which is approaching several dozen.

French braids in appearance are similar to African braids, however, a spikelet is based on the weaving of a French braid, therefore, the result should be a certain number of spikelets on the head. At the same time, pigtails can be located in any order and in any direction, which is limited only by your imagination. It must be understood that the number of French braids depends on the density of your hair, which means that the more small pigtails you will braid, the thinner they will be.

Some hairstyles allow you to use only half of all the hair for weaving a braid, the rest of the hair, as a rule, remains loose. If your hair is not enough for the design of French braids, professionals in this matter will offer you weaving braids using extended hair. In addition to the required length, such a hairstyle will increase hair volume.

French braids are particularly popular in the summer, since such a hairstyle is not only convenient, but also practical: there is no need to do styling, the hair does not burn out, the hairstyle has a fashionable and stylish look, approaches any image.

If there are certain skills in weaving, you can independently make a hairstyle from French pigtails. It is best, of course, to contact a specialist.

French braids are perfect for bright, active and young girls. Such a hairstyle will always look great.

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