Varieties of Smeg refrigerators what will be counted when buying

The refrigerator is one of the most necessary household appliances in a modern apartment, today it is already difficult to imagine how our great -grandmothers kept products in a cellar or a bag outside. A huge number of different refrigerators from different manufacturers are presented on the market. Refrigerators can be two -chamber and single -chamber, large and small, with and without illumination, white, gray or any other. SMEG refrigerators are considered one of the most reliable, this Italian manufacturer supplies only high -quality and practical household appliances to the market.

SMEG is responsible for its business and cares about the consumer, and thanks to the scientific development and implementation of modern technologies, as well as the skill and professionalism of employees, the company’s products are worthy of competition to other household appliances manufacturers.

Before buying a refrigerator, you must definitely decide on the place where you put it, the dimensions of the refrigerator will depend on this. SMEG offers four types of refrigerators: small, standard, low and wide, bilateral. Small refrigerators are suitable for small kitchens and studio apartments, they can be single-chamber and two-chamber. Standard refrigerators correspond to the size of European refrigerators, as a rule, their freezer is located below. Low and wide refrigerators are quite practical, with their low altitude they contain a lot of products, on top of the refrigerator you can install a microwave oven, which will save the working space in the kitchen. Bilateral refrigerators have quite impressive sizes, they have large capacity, freezers in such refrigerators are most often located on the sides.

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