Facial cleansing at home tips and rules

Do not despair if you have not attended cosmetologist courses, because you can clean your face today at home. To do this, the first thing you need is to steam the face, which will perfectly cope with a decoction of medicinal herbs or ordinary boiling water. For dry and sensitive skin, use a decoction of rosemary or wormwood, for oily – chamomile. In addition, such a solution will perfectly relieve irritation on the skin, eliminate excessive fat content and peeling, and also improve blood circulation.

To steam your face, tilt it above the pan with boiling water or decoction and cover it with a large bedspread on top, which will not allow the couple to disappear and will prevent the cooling of the decoction. Be careful – so as not to get a burn, gradually open the pan cover. You are under a veil of at least 10 – 15 minutes.

Then you can proceed directly to the cleansing of the face. To do this, wash with soap and disinfect your arms with an alcohol solution. Do all the following actions with clean dry hands.

Black dots are quite simply removed by compression on both sides with the fingers. When all the black dots are removed, it is necessary to narrow the pores. This can be done by wiping the face with a special means of narrowing pores, usually such funds include alcohol. It is fashionable to achieve the same result using lemon juice diluted with water. Having wiped your face, do not wipe it dry, let it dry on its own.

In addition to extrusion, you can get rid of black dots with the help of soap foam mixed with drinking soda. Such a mixture must be applied to problem areas, leave for five minutes, and then wash off with warm running water. Also well proven themselves in the fight against black dots cleansing masks from cucumber.

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