Muton fur coat, which is a distinctive features

Today, many women prefer to wear fur coats from muton in the winter, since a muton fur coat is the price of which is quite acceptable looks beautiful and stylish. In itself, the fur muton is a specially ennobled and processed sheepskin. In order to get such a fur, shepherd is subjected to formalin processing and stained in various tones from light to dark and almost black.

In addition to affordable prices, muton products have other advantages. They have been worn for a long time, about 10 years, provided that it is correct and care, resistant to rain and snow. The muton becomes moisture resistant due to formalin processing, as a result of this, each hair seems to be preserved. Also in a fur coat from muton you will be warmer than permissible in a rabbit fur coat, since this fur has good heat -saving properties.

When buying a muton fur coat, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points: the quality of the fur itself, the quality of the color, the quality of the sewing of the product. The quality of the fur can be checked by squeezing it in the palm of your hand, when squeezing it should quickly come into the original form and shape. If the hairs of fur are sticking together, then this is a sign of poor -quality processing. When holding a palm against the growth of wool, they should not break, and with light pinching to fall out. If all these three conditions are met, then you can be sure for the quality of the fur.

To check the painting of the product, you need to carry out a light fabric according to the fur, it should not be painted. In the event that traces of paint remain on the fabric, then the product was processed poorly, and it is better to refuse to buy it.

After that, be sure to check the seams of the product, they should be well felt, but not be very convex. In the event that the seams are not felt, there are fears, one hundred products are glued. A glued product can fall apart in a few months.

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