Dog in the house what is important to know when buying a pet

The dog in the house is not only joyful emotions from the presence of a four -legged comrade, but of course the troubles and care during the period of growing up the dog. Bringing the puppy, first of all, it is necessary to worry about the stern for him. Experts recommend Royal Canin puppies, which has all the useful qualities necessary for the fully growth and development of your puppy.

During the growth period, a fairly large amount of energy and calories is required, which it should receive with food, therefore it is quite important than you feed your puppy. Its growth, development and good qualities depend on proper nutrition.

Bringing the puppy, first of all, it is necessary to decide on who will devote time to the baby. Puppies are quite active, and require a lot of attention, you need to walk, play, spend time with them. Otherwise, they themselves find a lesson, and this is fraught with spoiled furniture.

From childhood, a dog must be accustomed to obedience and discipline. Of course, it is just useless to train a completely small puppy, he will perceive all your actions as another game. However, starting from adolescence, the dog must begin to accustom to certain teams and disciplines.

Clearly develop a walk schedule, not a dog should lead you, but you are a dog. However, if you have an established schedule, and the time when you need to go for a walk, you must take the animal to the street, as its body is already adjusted to this time.

Treat the dog with love, they feel it quite subtly, and the mood of the owner is transmitted to them. The dog with great enthusiasm will perceive your commands, if you are positive, you should not show a bad mood in the company of the dog, especially the puppy, then threatens that the dog can grow sad and depressed.

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