Tips for buying a vacuum cleaner what to pay attention to

Vacuum cleaner is an indispensable assistant to any housewife. You can, of course, put things in order in the house and through the good old broom. But how much dust remains in the air and in the corners! And how small children or allergies suffer from her. And she certainly will not add to all other health. Therefore, if you are still not acquired by the device, we advise you to think about it in the very near future.

After analyzing reviews of household appliances, we can conclude that when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, you should pay attention to three main indicators: power, the quality of the filters and the volume of the bag or bowl.

Engine strength directly affects the quality of cleaning. The higher it, the faster you will finish with work. It is desirable that the average power of the device is at least 260 watts, but better – about 300 watts. This data can be found from the sales consultant or in a technical passport.

In relation to filters, in principle, the same rule applies. The more of them there will be, the less dust will fall into the air. There are a wide variety of designs and options. They can be interchangeable or detergent. Many vacuum cleaners are equipped with special charcoal filters or devices that flavoring the room.

One of the main indicators is the garbage collection capacity. The most traditional option is a bag: fabric or paper. The first is one of the most inconvenient in use and, moreover, passes a lot of dust into the atmosphere. The second is much more practical, but requires regular financial investments, t. To. used only once. A more convenient design of a vacuumber in the form of a bowl. Its only disadvantage is the loss of the power of the device due to the formation of a vortex flow, but in modern models the problem is almost imperceptible. And finally, the third option is a bowl filled with water. Its advantages are maximum environmental friendliness in cleaning.

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