Advantages of using a soft roof for a roof of a house

Many people dream of their own home. You can buy ready -made, or you can build it yourself. The first option is undoubtedly easier. But the second is cheaper, in addition, you can choose any project to your taste. You yourself choose finishing materials for internal and external decoration and what you will cover the roof. The roof of Kyiv is the place of your residence or another city is very important, because it depends on it whether it will be comfortable in your house, will it be hot, cold or stuffy there.

The roof provides the protection of the house from weather conditions and provides the creation of the optimum temperature inside the structure. The soft roof has been in increasing demand among buyers recently. There are several reasons for.

Firstly, the composition of the polymer binding material improves, as a result of which the fragility of bitumen decreases because it receives more operating temperatures. And even at minus temperatures up to 30C, its flexibility is not lost. Another reason is the replacement of a cardboard base with another, made when using glass or synthetic fibers. Thus, it becomes more durable. Such materials are very durable because they repel moisture and are not subject to rotting. Also, in the manufacture of a soft roof, sprinkling of various colors is used. Similar types are more reliable, and they look more attractive compared to mica or sand. In addition to all these advantages, the soft roof is much lighter in weight compared to other types of coatings. It can also be noted that it is not at all difficult to mount it. In addition, she does not need additional painting and restoration.

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