Choosing fittings for interior doors what to take into account

One of the important issues when buying interior doors is the question of choosing accessories, the reliability of the doors and the time that it will last you depends on it. The cost of accessories for doors depends on the two main points: material and production technology. Economic class fittings are made of plastic, wood, brass and silumin, better and more expensive accessories are made from a bronze alloy and steel.

For the fittings to serve you for a long time, its choice should be taken responsibly. When choosing loops, look at the gap, which is formed if you fold two halves of the loops towards each other, there should not be a gap of high -quality loops. For interior doors of small weight, you can purchase loops from brass, they are acceptable in price, resistant to scratches and do not change color over time.

When choosing door handles, you need to pay attention not only to its appearance and pleasant tactile sensations, the weight of the handle and its cost are no less important. Cheap and light handles, as a rule, quickly break and lose their attractive appearance. It is better to choose steel or brass handles, which are covered with three layers of varnish, have a soft move and a working mechanism for returning the tongue when removing the pressure on the handle.

When buying a sping, you need to take into account the thickness of the door leaf. So, for example, for a door with a thickness of less than 25 millimeters, it is better to purchase a overhead sping, for doors with a thickness more you can buy a crazy spingu of. Keep in mind that to install a mortise sping in the door leaf, you will have to cut grooves that can weaken the door structure. The door limiter must have a good rubber lining and sufficient thick body so that when the door is hit on the limiter, it does not break and damage the door leaf.

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