Building houses from SIP panels

Inexpensive construction of houses from SIP panels has become very popular recently. Why? This option will allow you to get the desired house of any layout, and for very small money, without risking your quality. Is not that great? You can build a house that you want, without spending a lot of money on building materials. SIP panels are beneficial in all respects. They do not require annual shrinkage, like a wooden beam. Such a house will not need to be insulated, because it will already be ready to finish!

What is the construction of houses from such panels? This technology came to us from Canada, and has already gained popularity around the world. The time has long passed when we tried to get any materials for the construction of a summer residence. Now there are SIP panels! What they represent? This is a mixture of polystyrene foam and OSB slabs. The first material has high sound insulation, and also holds heat perfectly. The slabs do not rot, and do not delay moisture, which makes them an ideal option for construction.

A separate advantage of construction from such plates is the speed. You will take only a month for the house project (not including finishing work). This is a very short time, is it not true? At the same time, you will not at all take risks the quality of your structure, and you can not worry about the fact that the design turned out to be fragile, not of high -quality. All joints are tightly connected, and it is done tightly and reliably. The house is environmentally friendly, so the option is simply perfect for health.

SIP panels design is safe. You may not be afraid for your new home, because it is resistant to everything: both to moisture and to the fire.

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