Beautiful hair styling how to do it yourself

What is stylish hair styling? This is when styling fully fits into the image and approaches the place. For example, you will not go to the office with lush horses on your hair, but to a party with a modest tail. But I often want to combine both that and the other that the styling is stylish and at the same time, suitable for any event.

The styling with braids looks very stylish, the braids look beautiful and elegant and also fit any event, whether it is a holiday or a simple walk. There are many options for weaving braids, even if your hair does not differ dense, you can braid a braid that visually makes hair thick.

Options with hair extended to the iron are also good, such styling will look strictly but with a highlight. However, it is not suitable if your hair is badly damaged, since during stretching all hair flaws are visible. Yes, and if the hair is too rare, too, you should not lay it with an iron.

Not too thick and damaged hair is better to wrap with large curls. The curls of the hair are not visible on the curls and they visually give a significant volume. With curls you can make several hairstyles options. They look rich and attract attention, gathered in the tail look more strict, but at the same time stylish.

If you are the owner of thick hair, then you can make a horse tail. This is a classic styling, a heavy neatly assembled tail always looks amazing.

With short haircuts, you can twist the ends of the hair to the inside, this will give additional volume to the hair, as well as to give the volume when dried with a hairdryer, direct the air stream upward. Smooth styling will look stylish with short hair, combine your hair on your side and fix it with wax or gel.

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