Bank pillow – application and operation of textiles

There are pillows of different shapes with various fillers. They owe their appearance by different goals of use, attempts to reduce the cost of the product or give certain properties to the pillow. For example, pillows for allergy sufferers are made of hypoallergenic material.

Why do you need a pillow?

The cushion roller is designed to unload any spine, for example, neck. She belongs to orthopedic pillows.

Putting a pillow-leaf under the neck, you unload the muscles of the neck, straightening the spine, thereby completely relaxing the muscles:

Rehabilitation will occur when accepting the state of muscle peace;

The spinal segments take the right position, relief comes.

The pillow normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system.

This pillow can have various forms: either to the shape of a crust. It is recommended to fill such a pillow with buckwheat lusk for a massage effect or medicinal herbs to improve sleep.

It is nice to put a pillow under the arm or under the leg, to ensure a good rest of the tired limbs. You can use it to decorate the interior.

It is easy enough to make such a pillow yourself. But if you trust this pros – get a beautiful product with the properties you need.

Many people use such pillows not only at home, but also for the office. For example, they are pleasant to put them under the head, sitting in an office chair or relaxing on a sofa. Moreover, it will come in handy not only to people who suffer from pain in the cervical region, but also healthy, who monitor personal well -being.

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