Laminate is the key to the cleanliness and comfort of your home

For each of us, the house is a fortress, a place where you can hide from worries, hardships and numerous problems, where you want to come in the evening. Needless to say, it should be comfortable in it, so that you can relax properly, forgetting about all the troubles that are in wait for us in this cruel world.

To achieve comfort, you need a good repair in the house. Needless to say, everyone makes it to their liking. In addition, it is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the room so that the mess does not interfere with us fully rest. Laminate is a good solution, because it facilitates the cleaning of the room.

More recently, two or three dozen years ago, people chose linoleum to cover floors in their apartments, but in the late 80s an alternative option appeared-laminate-laminate. For the first time, laminated floor coverings were released in 1977 by the Swedish company Perstorp Flooring AV, whose specialists belong the idea of ​​creating this material. Now on the modern market offers this type of synthetic flooring in huge quantities. The laminate imitates parquet, stone, cork, ceramic tiles, in addition, it is unique in its beauty, aesthetic capabilities and technical characteristics.

The laminate is a very winning option compared to linoleum in many respects, it has less cost and is more resistant to external influences.

The laminate differs in levels of walking intensity: this is a weak level, is used in bedrooms, the average level for living rooms, and for hallways – a high level.

Laminate also has good thermal insulation and wear resistance, there are no traces of heels, claws of pets and cigarette butts of cigarettes on it. In addition to all other advantages, it is pure material from the point of view of ecology.

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