What can be worn with leggings tips from a fashionista

About thirty years ago, leggings appeared in a women’s wardrobe. Today, leggings or legins are still relevant, many girls successfully combine them with different clothes. This wardrobe item is very convenient and practical, leggings can be worn for a walk, for study, it is convenient to go shopping in them and even play sports.

There are a lot of leggings or leggings with what. They look great with elongated T -shirts and tunics. In the cool season, leggings can be combined with insulated cardigans up to the middle of the thigh, so that the image looks more interesting, you can make a small emphasis on the waist using a thin belt. If you add to the leggings to heeled shoes, then the outfit acquires an elegant and extravagant look. It is worth noting that leggings can be worn by girls with almost any type of figure, the main thing is to choose the right top.

Also, leggings from thin material can be worn with skirts and dresses. Losins with a knitted dress, tightening the figure, look more successful, it is desirable that the length of the skirt or dress is slightly above the knee, so leggings look more harmonious.

If you prefer a casual style, you can combine leggings with free medium -length shirts. It is worth remembering that too long shirts visually shorten your legs, so if you have low growth, then it is better not to wear such shirts.

As for the selection of shoes, leggings are universal clothes, since they can be worn with almost any shoes. They harmoniously look with ballet shoes and sandals, ankle boots and boots, high -heeled shoes and wedges, sneakers and sneakers.

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