Women’s tricks what you need to know when selecting accessories

You can endlessly wonder how sometimes the most ordinary dress, or a strict office suit is transformed by correctly selected rings and beads. It’s good and in the topic the selected accessories can make a daily outfit festive and vice versa to give severity to your dress.

To revive an ordinary dress, there are many techniques with accessories. The strictness and elegance of the dress will give the thread of the pearls, the length of the “CHECER” (short necklace) or “princesses” (average length) and the necklace “Opera” (very long necklace), on the contrary, will give the dress a festive view. A pearl -peigned peeler on a long chain and earrings in the tone of the pendant is well suited for a black suit. But here it is important to choose the color not too bright and not too dark, something average pastel shades. If your outfit has three or more colors, then decorations, or should repeat all colors, this will give along the feeling of the holiday, or to combine with one of the colors of the outfit, this will create a harmonious appearance of the entire outfit. The black color of the jewelry is well combined with the pink color of the outfit, a good contrast is created, which focuses on itself, also pearl colors of jewelry are also suitable for pink, this will create a delicate and easy image.

Jewelry also needs to be combined not only with the fact that you are dressed but with each other. For example, jewelry made of pearls and mother -of -pearls necessarily require a couple, earrings or ring, bracelet. If you decide to put on a bulky necklace, then it is better to put a large ring to it, not large earrings. Also, if you put on a large ring, it is better to remove the rest from your fingers, so you will avoid alapority and draw attention to this ring. Never dress too many jewelry, it looks quite vulgar, better at least, but with taste.

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