Which floor covering to choose for a children’s room

Repair always begins with the choice of finishing materials. And if it comes to the children’s room, this issue must be approached thoroughly. The basic requirements for flooring in a child’s room is environmental friendliness and safety. What options are possible here?


Wooden flooring is not only beautiful, but also completely environmentally friendly. The material perfectly holds heat, which will allow the baby to walk around the room barefoot. High -quality boards covered with protective compositions are strong and reliable – heavy furniture is not terrible for them. They easily wash – which is important in the room where the child constantly plays.

Wooden floors easily fit into the interior – this is a classic.


The traffic jam as a flooring has a lot of advantages – it is environmentally friendly, repels dust, retains heat. What could be better for the nursery? But consider an important drawback of the material – its surface with mechanical on it is exposed to heavy or sharp objects. Therefore, if it is planned to put heavy furniture in the room, it is better to choose another option.

Tile rugs

Surely you saw in the game rooms bright tiles-puzzles. They can be covered with your child’s room! Rugs are made of foamed porous polymer. They meet all quality standards. Manufacturers produce “floors-puzzles” of different sizes, thicknesses and colors-you can easily pick up the desired option.


If you are looking for original color solutions, then Flok is what you need! The coating is made by applying dry polymer particles of different parameters and colors on the basis. The technology has long been known and is actively used in repair in children’s institutions.

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