When you want interior raisins what to do

Even the most laconic interior has some catchy detail, some kind of stroke, some kind of highlight. The highlight of the interior is his feature. It can be both in one element and in the general combination of colors or shapes.

At first it was novelty to play in contrasts-the black and white interior was not understood by everyone. When the contrast became the very welcome highlight, they began to combine the most incompatible: a bright red sofa on a turquoise carpet-already passed option. Then the so -called “spots” began to occur. If in a gently cream bedroom to lay a pink or even red bedspread on the bed, then the spectacity is guaranteed.

Originality of forms – window openings, furniture, doors, chandeliers and so on – still helps to escape from everyday life. An unusual floor lamp or chair will certainly immediately attract attention and set a certain tone for the entire room. Here you need to be careful, because the “outstanding” item may seem superfluous.

The unusual solutions, both in color and in form, and even in the texture, is what the design is full. The bizarry of details, sometimes even pretentiousness is marked by everyone who came across him. Each iconic subject distinguishes its exclusivity, and the emphasis is on this. Interesting can affect everything – shelves for books, candlestick, utensils, mirrors and even furniture. Also the laconicism of interiors is distinguished by the style of the square. There is no oversaturation or irritating variegation in it. Uniqueness is achieved by several details that fit perfectly into the stylish simplicity of the entire interior.

Uniqueness is always achieved only with the share of the fantasy courage of the designer. “Screaming” colors, unusual textures and unexpected forms come to mind with a lot of doubts. You never need to be afraid to try something new. Maybe this is exactly what you need exactly.

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