When it is worth planting seeds suitable for the time of the year

It is most profitable to purchase seeds not in the season of landings, so they will cost much cheaper.

The best time for planting is, of course, spring, end of March, early April. However, it should be borne in mind that a variety of seeds can require different planting periods, seeds intended for earlier planting are more resistant to bad weather. But the landing of seeds that are positioned as later maturation is undesirable in early spring, such vegetables will disappear in cold earth.

In order to get certain vegetables in an unintentional time for this time, it is best to use greenhouse conditions of cultivation. However, it should be borne in mind that greenhouse vegetables are very different in taste from grown in the usual way. They are more rigid and not so juicy, the lack of natural solar heat affects.

When planting vegetables, it is also necessary to use various methods of soil fertilizer. On well -fertilized soil, cultures grow and faster and much better. Fertilizers are different, they are divided into natural and chemical. Natural compost fertilizers include, as well as cow litter. This is one of the best soil fertilizers. Chemicals include fertilizers such as nitrate, and the like fertilizer sold in the package.

Of course, it is better to use natural fertilizers. For example, it is easy to start a compost hole in early spring, and slowly fill it, the fertilizer will be ready by the landing season.

It is also worth considering the characteristics of the soil, if you are a happy owner of black soil, then you can not particularly try with fertilizers, in such a soil everything will grow perfectly and so. Otherwise, fertilizer will need.

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