How to choose “your” fragrance, what to take into account when buying

Tart, sweet, rich or light – every woman worthy of her fragrance. But how to choose it correctly? After all, I want your fragrance to be the most unique and sophisticated. Female perfume must be selected with full responsibility.

There are several rules for this:

1) Do not believe advertisements. Even if these perfumes are very expensive. The aroma is your personality, first of all. Advertising is a bad adviser, but it is easier for your feelings to trust.

2) If there are at least the slightest doubt about the choice of this brand of female spirits – do not rush. It is better to view a few more options and be sure that this aroma is for you.

3) Do not be afraid of experiments. Show the initiative and choose a new, unusual. Maybe this smell will make your view of the idea of ​​an ideal smell.

4) Many also try to follow the fashion. Buying or not perfumes on the latest trend, the decision remains for you.

5) Choosing the aroma, take into account the style and lifestyle. There are several brands with a sports slope. Some firms produce perfumes only with a purely female aroma: rich, bright, very sugary.

6) in the afternoon they use light spirits more often, fresh. Evening perfume leaves a train of sweet notes of berries and flowers.

7) Some, choosing, try to smell everything at once. But so, unfortunately, you definitely will not decide. All aromas will be confused and understand that it will definitely become more pleasant.

Advised to inhale the smell of coffee in front of a new breakdown.

Buy samples, it is possible that the smell is tired of you in a week and you will regret the purchase.

Consultation of a specialist will never hurt. He will help you choose the aroma that you dreamed about.

And in no case should you buy perfumes “like a girlfriend”. Focus only on your sensations.

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