We grow seedlings of the secrets of an experienced gardener

Spring – time growing time. Regardless of whether you get seeds by mail, purchase in a shop in the local market or store your own, the success of a good crop depends on compliance with several rules.

The soil. It is best to use the Earth from your own garden, but without adding fertilizers. If purchased is used, then, at least, dilute it with local soil. This will provide good survival and rapid growth after transplantation.

Capacity. There is no consensus here. To care for seedlings on the windowsill, it is easier to use one large pallet for all bushes. But the landing is more convenient to produce from individual pots, for example, special peat, then dissolving in the ground. In both cases, watering seedlings should be carefully.

Temperature. During the transplantation, plants experience severe stress precisely because of the difference in daytime heat and night cold on the street. Therefore, seedlings should be tempered in advance. If the day was cloudy – transfer the box to the glazed loggia at night.

Air. Humidity is important here. Practice shows that spraying is tiring and ineffective. Easier – cover the plants in the evening with a film attached by tape to the window glass. Just don’t forget to remove it during the day, otherwise the seedlings will burn.

Light. Unfortunately, it is disastrous for street plants in the house. Therefore, put seedlings on the most open window. But special phyto lamps are better not to use. It will be difficult for bushes to get used to natural lighting.

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