Unusual confessions in love of various ideas

Recognition in one’s own feelings is a very responsible and exciting step. Undoubtedly, simple words: “I love you” and the delivery of flowers can work miracles. But if you are a creative personality, why not think over a more original option.

For example, having the initial ideas about the features of site construction, create a page with the name of your beloved. Let there be photos of girls, poems dedicated to the chosen one, beautiful cards or pretty funny little animals. Well, you better know what she will like. Just imagine how you, with a mysterious look, sitting in front of a computer for a company with your beloved, type her name in the search engine and “accidentally” find this site ..

If this idea is difficult for you, do it easier. Make an original digital card with a photo of a girl and send her by mail. Or just place it at yourself, as a desktop screensaver, she will certainly notice.

Practice shows that any thing in the hands of a creative person can turn into a small miracle. For example, take office multi -colored leaves – reminders with a self -adhesive tip. Their advantage is that notes leave no traces. So, why not seal the front door with them or a beloved car, writing a small recognition on each passage. By the way, it is good to continue the pleasant practice in further relationships. Write compliments and leave in the most unexpected places.

Admit your own feelings, do it as often as possible and try to make the recognitions remember!

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