The main aspects of the independent kitchen design

The kitchen in any dwelling is not just the place of cooking, but, often, the place of gathering the whole family, the meeting of guests, and indeed it is possible to place a constant habitat of a family member, if there is little space in the apartment. And for a woman a kitchen is a place where she often spends most of her time. Therefore, the kitchen should be functional, comfortable and comfortable.

The interior design of the kitchen can be entrusted to a specialist, or you can try to cope and on your own.

You need to start the design of the kitchen with the layout of the space, it will be decided on the location of the working surfaces. For simplicity of planning, it is worth first to decide where the three main components of the kitchen will be located – a stove, a refrigerator and a sink. Having decided what the location of these main kitchen items will continue to plan the rest of the furniture.

Choosing a sink for the kitchen, it is worth paying attention to its depth, type of mixer, drying drying. If the presence of a dishwasher is planned, then it is worth placing it next to the sink.

A mandatory attribute of any kitchen is kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets can be hinged or stand on the floor. When choosing a cabinet, it is worth considering what shelves will be in it, what will be stored there. The color of the headset should be combined with the color of the walls and floors. You can also make a headset to order, but such furniture usually costs more.

Recently, kitchen islands have become widespread for large kitchens. They can be both stationary and mobile.

When choosing a countertop for the working area, it is also worth paying attention to its color so that it combines with a kitchen set. There are various countertops – wooden, marble, from coriander or granite.

Deciding to create the interior yourself. It is worth considering examples of design on the Internet, look at color solutions and options for the location of furniture in your type of kitchen.

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