The best remedy for insomnia that helps well

“A person is sleeping about a third of his life. The remaining two -thirds dreams of getting enough sleep ”

Of course, this is a joke – but there is also a share of truth in it. We all love to sleep, and sometimes we wake up broken and not resting. What to be for those who have a sore back, spine, headaches from constant lack of sleep? Buy inflatable mattresses.

If you still think that an inflatable mattress is a swimming device, then you are mistaken. Technologies do not stand still, and modern analogues are fundamentally different from those funny color mattresses on which you swam in childhood.

Mattresses and beds now offered in stores are strong no less than inflatable boats. They are made of polymer or fortified drezine fabric. They can be inflated in a minute with a foot or electric pump, they do not take up space in the apartment and are easily transferred in a small backpack.

Moreover, any inflatable mattress is orthopedic. Due to the fact that inside it is not a hard filler, but the air, the mattress takes the shape of your body and supports it during sleep. Such a bed withstands the weight of one person up to 135 kg and is 1-spacious, 1.5- and 2-spal.

If you ask what is the main difference between inflatable beds and elite orthopedic mattresses – the answer is obvious. Inflatables cost about 4 times cheaper than their expensive counterparts. And, of course, they are much more functional. Such beds and mattresses will be useful to you in the event of unexpected guests, it is convenient to move with them, they are indispensable at campsite and beach vacation.

Therefore, think about whether it is worth overloading the interior of the apartment with extra furniture, or is it better to save and purchase a useful thing in the house.

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