Russian style in the interior return to the roots

Throughout generations, our grandparents, returning home, plunged into the atmosphere of familiar natural objects. Along the walls of the ancient hall, there were wooden shops and carved chests of drawers with multi -colored glasses, the windows were decorated with fabulous linen curtains, and a variegated patchwork blanket lay on the beds.

Nowadays, the soul of a modern urban resident is increasingly turning to the origins. So it is good to organize in an apartment or in the country design with elements of the Russian style. It is not at all difficult to buy wooden furniture. Moreover, drawings made by yourself in a folk style will look very appropriate and creative on shelves and cabinets. It can be a simple print through a stencil, and, a pretentious pattern in the style of Khokhloma or Gzhel.

Very organically in the interior of the pre -revolutionary style, striped multi -colored paths made of natural materials on the floor and embroidered towels, tablecloths, curtains on tables and windows will fit.

Recently, the second birth has been experiencing a patchwork, that is, sewing from materials various in texture and coloring collected in a single composition. All kinds of work from shreds will become an indispensable detail of the Russian style in the apartment. It can be bedspreads, sofa pads and, even wall panels.

It’s good to complement the interior with stylish accessories. Put a small samovar purchased in an antique store on the table. Garnish the kitchen shelves original, better homemade, tacks and napkins.

The main thing is to observe the measure. Do not fall into extremes and turn the house into a museum. With a competent approach, the elements of Russian decor are quite harmonious with modern trends.

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