Why is it profitable to invest in gold

Gold is always in fashion. This material is called noble, because only the rich could allow themselves to wear gold chains, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry. For gold, people are ready to kill, to betray, because of it, entire nations unleashed wars and even concluded the world. History knows many facts related to it, and some churchmen in literary sources call it the devil’s metal.

What the price of gold depends on?

But how much does a gold chain cost today? The answer to this question is given by leading jewelers in the world. Every year the price of gold does not fall, but grows. This metal is rightly considered a profitable financial investment for all times. You may not be afraid of default with him, because the price of it will always be equivalent.

However, it is profitable to invest in and here you need to. For example, this is what every jewelry owner needs to know:

If you decide to sell a gold bracelet or chain, in which case it will be taken in a pawnshop or jewelry store at the cost of scrap, which will be much less than the price for which you bought a whole product;

Conventional jewelry is not pure gold, but a alloy of gold. Most often, in various stores you can find gold 585 samples – it is considered the lowest;

Most of all in the market values ​​gold 999 samples. This is almost pure gold from which the ingots are drained. This is the so -called “banking gold”.

It is in banking gold that they are advised to invest money in such a way as to sell it at cost and the faster you do it, the more money you can get for it in the future.

Last: experts do not advise storing gold in banks (it often disappears from there for any reason). So if you want to keep it in a bank after all, use a compact three-liter option and bore it somewhere in a quiet place.

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