Rules for operating TV what you need to know about care

It is impossible to imagine a modern house without a TV. The TV has become an integral part of the home environment, in many houses it is no longer a rarity of the presence of several TVs located in different rooms.

When making a decision to buy a new TV, you should find out about the rules of its operation, since improper operation can lead to quick breakdown of equipment, and the need to repair. It is worth remembering that television repair is a very difficult thing and you should not do amateur performances, but it is better to contact a specialist.

It is worth protecting the TV from moisture, as the TV screen is very afraid of it. It is undesirable to use TVs in rooms with high humidity, but if you can’t do without it, then it is worth purchasing a special screen that protects the TV screen.

The rear surface of the TV should be available for free air access, so it is very undesirable to put TVs in special niches. You should also not put anything on the TV.

Do not put flowers near the TV, since when watering, moisture can get to the TV.

Once a year, it is worth cleaning the TV, since over time, dust is accumulating in it, leading to various malfunctions. It is better to entrust cleaning to a specialist who will also diagnose TV malfunctions to prevent further breakdown.

You should not put powerful speakers by the TV, as this can lead to the magnetization of the screen and in the future to the appearance of spots on it.

Leaving the house, it is worth turning off the TV from the network to completely remove power from its elements.

Proper operation will provide your TV with a long work and save your funds that you will have to spend in case of a breakdown for repairs or a new TV.

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