Room on the balcony is it worth doing or not

How do you want to hide somewhere in a secluded corner, get your favorite book, brew tea and at least disappear from all household chores and problems for an hour! It is a pity that the size of the apartment does not always allow this desire to fulfill. Why not use the balcony for this purpose? After all, the decoration of the loggia will not require much time and time.

So, it’s time to take the area of ​​the balcony for the disappearance in vain and use it for 100? Why not!

Insulation tips

The insulation of the balcony must start with glazing. Good double -glazed windows are already half of the whole work, so you should not save on them.

Next, it is necessary to warm the floor, ceiling and walls of the loggia. The size of the task can be significantly reduced if the neighbors have already done this with their balconies from above and below. Having covered all the cracks and holes with foam, leaving the floor with a special mixture, you can proceed to laying the plates.

Most often used foam plate or mineralvat. They are inexpensive, have high heat – and soundproofing qualities, withstand difficult environmental conditions, and do not change their shape.

The next stage is the finish. Remember that the decoration of balconies plays an important role in all the work. This is not just the creation of a style and aesthetic design, it is the consolidation of the previous stage of insulation work. When choosing finishing materials, remember: they should be reliable, strong and high -quality.

Ideas for design

Now that the balcony has turned into a real room, you can arrange a study here so as not to be distracted from business. You can continue the room by removing the balcony door or arrange a room room for your child and his friends, where he will be a sovereign owner. In general, decide and everything will work out!

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