Laser hair removal and disadvantages

You can stubbornly continue to use a razor, wax or depilator, or you can accept a new, more reliable and effective technique to remove unwanted hair – laser hair removal! If you are looking for a method that will forever help to remove hair in places where they should not grow, then use epilation with a diode laser. More information can be obtained on the site.

Hair removal with a laser will really save you from unnecessary hairs. But the procedure should be passed several times, since only a small amount can be removed in one session, about 10-15% of the hairline. The fact is that the hair passes three stages of development: growth stage, transitional period and dwelling stage. When the hair is in the transition period or the rest of its removal is not possible. Accordingly, the procedure is carried out in the stage of anagen, that is, active growth.

Laser hair removal does not harm health. The risk of irradiation is incredibly low, since the laser beam is very weak and penetrates only to the depth of the hair follicles (1-4mm). Therefore, the influence on internal organs cannot be a question. In some cases, slight local hyperemia (redness) in the effect of exposure may occur, but an hour after the procedure, it disappears.

The laser hair removal method usually passes painlessly. Although each has its own individual threshold of sensitivity, but, nevertheless, it is not as painful as plucking with tweezers or depilator.

Laser hair removal is a new round of development of cosmetology, which becomes more and more in demand.

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