How to choose a hat to what to pay attention to

With the advent of the cold season, the question arises of warm clothes, as well as a hat that will protect your head from winter cold. At the moment, a female hat is popular, by the way, the mink has always been a classic, this fur does not go out of fashion for a rather long time.

If you are going to purchase a hat made of natural fur, then you should know a few features of really high -quality fur. Feel free to inspect the product that you will purchase well.

The fur product should not be heavy, but too light too, pass your fingers through the fur, it should be soft, smooth and thick. Too dry and light to the touch, the fur should not be bought, this means that the furs on the product itself is not enough, the skin under it is very stretched and can cracked strongly.

Shock the product, the fur should not “rattle”, it should not publish any unpleasant odors, and the product is also required to have a special certificate confirming the authenticity of the fur.

Buying a headdress is not made of fur, it is also worth it to inspect it well. Do not buy a hat consisting of a completely synthetic materials, walking in such a headdress is extremely harmful to the scalp and hair. A good option would be a hat made of genuine leather or wool.

A leather hat can serve for a long time with proper care, it must be regularly lubricated with a special cream and not leave for a long time in open sunlight. A hat made of woolen threads is quite warm and comfortable, but not so durable, as a rule, it is enough for two or three seasons, after the thread they lose their external attractiveness and such a product no longer keeps their shape.

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