How to make the kitchen beautiful and cozy what is important to know

After the repair, the kitchen began to look not comfortable? Do not immediately contact professional designers whose services are not cheap at all, try to give the highlight of your kitchen on your own. With the help of individual not very expensive and simple decorators, for example, to install unusual chandeliers for the kitchen photos of which you can see before buying, you can radically transform this room.

Lovers of needlework will be absolutely not difficult to make a true exclusive out of their own kitchen. Do not be afraid to use things made independently, in the kitchen, decorate it with embroidered towels and curtains, knitted napkins. This will make the premises homemade and add a positive energy to him.

Revive the space using jars of beans, cereals, pasta of different colors. Some products can be used exclusively in the form of decor, for example, lay pasta in jars of an unusual shape, or it can be multi -colored peas or beans. Try to decorate the kitchen with cans with home blanks, it can be banks with compotes or jam, decorated with bright ribbons and beautiful pieces of fabric. Take spruce or pine cones, paint them with a composition of cans with blanks.

Experiment with dry flowers: place a bouquet in a ceramic vase or hang a panel of them on the wall, this will add home heat to the room.

Ceramic pots and plates will also be very useful in your kitchen, it is best to arrange them on an open shelf or upstairs on kitchen cabinets. In addition to the fact that it is very beautiful, it is also very convenient – the necessary items will always be at hand.

Turn on your imagination, create, but do not overdo it so that the kitchen does not have a cluttered look.

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