How to choose the underwear in color important moments

Any girl, choosing underwear for herself, wants her not only comfortable, but also to look beautiful and sexy in it. Today, women’s linen offers a large number of different stores, boutiques, online stores, on the street you can find large shields with advertising of a brand of underwear, the Internet is full of banners, and when requested in the search engines, contextual advertising of women’s linen necessarily falls. But you should not make a decision on the purchase under the influence of only an advertising message and fashion trends, choosing underwear, namely its color, be sure to take into account your characteristics.

As a rule, girls buy underwear either their favorite color, or the color that their young man likes. It cannot be argued that this is wrong, but still when choosing it is worth considering whether the color of the linen is suitable for the color of the skin, hair and eyes.

When selecting linen to the color of the skin, you do not need to choose linen, which is as close as possible to its shade, even if you want to put it under a transparent blouse. To create a more sensual and expressive image, it is better to prefer a linen of a contrasting color, for example, black for light skin and white for dark. Girls with warm appearance are suitable for yellow, orange and brick tones, and with a cold type of appearance it is recommended to choose blue, turquoise or dark blue underwear.

When choosing the color of underwear to the color of the hair, several unsuccessful combinations must be avoided. So, for example, blondes, as a rule, do not have linen yellow shades, red -haired girls should not wear green and blue linen. The color of underwear should be well combined and emphasized the color and beauty of the eyes of its owner. If you have blue or gray eyes, then linen of purple, blue, blue, black, white and creamy colors will suit you. Almost any colors go to girls with green eyes.

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