How to determine the character of a woman using shoes

Each woman selects shoes individually, based on her own preferences: some love practicality, other elegance or chic. There are young ladies, calmly passing by the shop windows, but there are those whose heart freezes at the sight of a sign – model women’s shoes wholesale. One way or another, but by what shoes the lady chooses, you can determine her character. Do not believe? Check.

So, very high -heeled shoes serve as an accessory, oddly enough, not too self -confident girls. Fashionistas are trying to attract attention, require constant admiring views and internal applause … Barely standing on their feet.

But the shoes on the heel are 7-9 cm, the shortfall speaks of the self-confidence of its owner. Such shoes wear successful ladies.

A thin hairpin speaks of the romance, tenderness and internal femininity of the hostess. At the same time, its owners are sometimes a little frivolous.

Platform – a sign of practicality. Often it is chosen by leaders: independent and frank. But in the soul of a woman preferring a high sole, there is always a place for creativity.

Lovers of wedges – balanced, are able to compromise with the opponent on any issue. They are distinguished by a philosophical mindset.

Unisex -style shoes are chosen by practical, seen species, persons. It is difficult to surprise them with something, but you can always agree. Sometimes such young ladies suffer from internal complexes or contradictions.

Soft moccasins or sneakers – an indicator of a calm, charming nature. Their housewives easily pour into any company, but they are afraid of changes in life.

Low -heeled shoes prefer confident, unprecedented and slightly naive ladies. Often, they are not revealed to a new person immediately, but they have a good sense of humor and the ability to work.

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