How to choose air conditioning

Before buying air conditioning in a store or ordering it on the Internet, you need to decide on the choice, however, what to do if knowledge in the field of split systems is not enough for a rational choice? In this case, you need to know several basic principles of choosing air conditioners for the home.

First of all, decide on the premises in which the air conditioner will be installed. There are several options for installing air conditioning (floor, wall, window). Modern manufacturers pay a lot of attention to the appearance of their products, so choosing the right air conditioner, you are unlikely to break the interior design.

Some models of air conditioners are built into the ceiling, niches or walls are called suspended air conditioners, other models can be installed under the ceiling on the wall or on the floor – there are a lot of options, only you choose.

Suppose the appearance of the air conditioner is extremely simple, but here another question arises: what to do if it is necessary to create a comfortable climate in several rooms at once? Manufacturers here also offer many special systems or multi split systems that allow you to serve several rooms, using different modifications of the elements installed indoors, that is, internal blocks. In this case, you independently decide in which room a hinged air conditioner will be installed, and in which – built -in.

Next, you need to find out which type of air conditioner will cope with the task better than the rest in order to find out, it is necessary to calculate the power of the split system for each room separately. When calculating the power of the air conditioner, take into account the parameters of the room – the height of the ceiling, the area, the number of windows, the side of the world to which the windows extend. Also take into account the number of people spending most of the time in the room, and the number of electrical appliances working constantly.

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