How to choose a port of varieties and selection criteria

When traveling on a train, plane, by car or in the subway, we often have the task of transporting a suit, dress or several things and not mating them.

In order not to get confused in all the variety of goods, it is worth knowing how to choose a port -part.

– Let’s start with the fact that there are men’s, female and universal.

– There are also several types:

• The usual ordinary clothing cover.

• Portpege in the form of a folding bag.

• Portpex on wheels, which is convenient on long trips or with a large number of baggage. Also folding.

– When buying, be sure to pay attention to the strength of the fabric and its waterproofness. One of the most durable fabrics is nylon and polyester. Port-dealers from a neulon are also quite popular, they are more durable than from a conventional nylon, but more severe.

– Patchled are two and three additions. Things in three additions in three additions can be won, although not very much.

– Choose the size of the port -lane depending on how many things you need to transport in it.

– Different port-parties are differently arranged inside. There are port -ladies with special hooks on which you can hang the shoulders with clothes. Some have different pockets, belts fixing clothes, a compartment where you can put shoes or wet clothes. The more additional devices are inside, the usually more expensive is portal.

– For better safety of clothing, it is worth choosing a portal with hard partitions.

Good trips!

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