How to choose a bed with a lifting mechanism

Recently, in various stores, including online stores, the demand for a bed with a lifting mechanism has increased. This is understandable. An ordinary bed does not provide for the possibility of cleaning under it. No matter how expensive and beautiful it is, dust, dirt, garbage, and the right things, remove and get it problematic accumulate in hard -to -reach places. The bed turns out to be another vacuuming and a seedling of microbes, which can lead not only to health disorder, but also to become the cause of complications in asthmatics and allergies.

Variants of lifting mechanisms

This can be avoided by choosing beds with a lifting mechanism. Their owners receive not only the possibility of unhindered access to places that quickly become dirty, but also roomy boxes for things and linen located under the sleeping place.

There are several options for lifting mechanisms in beds. All of them are attached to lateral fortifications, to the base for lamellas or to the mattress frame (if any).

The cheapest lifting mechanism is based on two metal springs and a steel frame.

The most expensive and, accordingly, reliable – with a gas elevator.

Which bed is better to choose

If you want to purchase a bed in which a lifting mechanism is provided, manufacturers recommend choosing from wooden beds. The fact is that the lifting mechanism is subjected to a significant load in the lamella base or a mattress frame, as a result of which they often fail. It is for this reason that you should not install such a bed from chipboard. If you, nevertheless, decided to save and bought just such a bed, then you will have to take into account that their lifting mechanism will have to be used as little as possible, so as not to break the fasteners.

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