Fashion down jackets 2020 What to pay attention to when buying

With the advent of winter, many of us begin to think about buying winter clothes. Naturally, natural fur coats are considered classic, but what if there are not enough funds for such a fur coat, and it is not very convenient to ride public transport in such clothes. Favorite down jackets come to the rescue. The female fashion for down jackets remains relevant for many seasons, and this is not surprising, since the down jackets are practical, light, comfortable, warm and beautiful clothes. When choosing a fashionable winter down jacket for 2020, several points should be taken into account to stay, so to speak, in trend.

As before, scum of down jackets remain popular, they look quite easy and do not weight the figure, and also emphasize femininity. Such down jackets can be stitched by rhombuses, strip, squares, triangles and other figures.

As for the style, for the winter it is worth choosing elongated models, since short down jackets in the cold winter can look at least ridiculous and, as a maximum, can harm your health. This season, down jackets just above the knee with a wide belt at the waist are considered fashionable this season. They look great on any figure and emphasize the natural female silhouette. Starting from last season, down jackets with shortened sleeves came into fashion, this winter they are still relevant, they should wear them with warm long gloves. Such down jackets look original and unusual, emphasizing the individuality of their owner.

In the new collections there are shortened down jackets designed for fairly warm winter weather. They have different styles, here designers did not limit their imagination. Free cuts with a pulling elastic band, down jackets on the belt, direct sports down jackets and others are considered fashionable. You can wear such clothes with both trousers and jeans and skirts.

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