Extended nails whether to do it or not

If you yourself decide to learn the building technique, then be sure to purchase a high -quality monomer, or as they say in Ukraine a monomer for acrylic, a lot depends on the monomer. High -quality nails, which are easily rejected and formation, it all depends on a good monomer. But of course, the acrylic powder that you acquire is also important. You can also build up nails with gel, but this is a more complex procedure that requires special equipment. Acrylic nails are required much less.

In order to start learning, you need: acrylic powder, monomer, brushes and dimensor to build up nails. There are several brushes. Big serves to apply acrylic on the nail small for subsequent modeling.

It is better to certainly undergo training in this procedure with a specialist, it will be faster. But sometimes I want to do everything itself. Those more on the Internet you can find a lot of videos for learning.

Also do not forget about the files, we also acquire several types. To suck the main form, you need a file of at least the eighth room specifically for acrylic. For subsequent grinding, also purchase a special saw for acrylic. With ordinary saws you can’t cope with acrylic.

First of all, the nails need to be degreased, ordinary acetone is also suitable. After you need to cut the top layer of the nail, make it rough, so acrylic will be better to stay on the nail. A more sparing building is considered to be extensing the tips. But on the tips, the nails stay much weaker.

Using a measured form, determine the desired nail length. Put acrylic as accurately as possible to the entire plate, just above the desired length. Do not be afraid of what can turn out at first. All this is processed after a file. But still try to follow the shape of the nail that you chose, and do not put an acrylic layer too thick, it will then be much more difficult to cut out.

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