Bed linen of cotton advantages and disadvantages

One of the most popular materials for the manufacture of bedding is considered to be cotton. Today it is not difficult to order bedding from natural cotton at all.

Cotton is appreciated not only the Ha of its naturalness and softness, this material has just a lot of advantages compared to other fabrics.

Cotton bedding has high heat conductivity, on the current linen you will not freeze even on the coldest night. Then thin and delicate look of the fabric, it will warm you perfectly. However, despite the fact that cotton is considered a warming cloth, in the warm season of the year it will also become comfortable on it.

Cotton is a moisturizing fabric, you will never wake up on wet underwear, even if you sweat a little while sleeping.

The appearance of cotton linen is considered one of the best. The fabric has a delicate matte shine, is easy to color with various natural colors. Cotton underwear retains its original appearance even in spite of numerous washing. Paints on cotton lingerie does not pour and does not smear.

Due to its ability to keep dyes well, cotton lingerie is often stained with all kinds of prints. The result is beautiful and bright bedding with unusual drawings.

Cotton is considered one of the most hypoallergenic tissues. In addition to the fact that that fabric is completely natural, it has the ability to breathe. Under cotton bedding, your skin will always breathe, unlike many synthetic fabrics under which the skin is steamed.

Of course, the prices for such bedding are high, but it is fully consistent with it. Then a quality product that corresponds to all the high canons of quality.

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